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Brazilian singer, composer, actress and songwriter. Rosa was born in Sao Paulo in 1973. Her main source of inspiration is music and culture of the Northeast Brazil – the states of Alagoas and Pernambucco. She grew up in a musical family, under the watchful eye of her parents – her father was an accordionist and poet and her mother was a pianist. Also her grandparents who came from the north-east region of Sertao had great influence on Rosas later career. As a teenager, she spent her holidays in the state of Alagoas where she first heard the music of Kariri-Xocό Indians. This encounter made profound impression on Renata and was her first serious school of singing as she now puts it.

Renata Rosaˊs masters were traditional singers and musicians – virtuoso of the rabeca Luiz Paixão as well as Cema, Eberύ and Noraia – Indian singers from the Kariri – Xocό tribe. Meeting Siba – one of the main figures of artistic revolution of the 90s. also influenced her artistic choices. It is thanks to him that she came across Zona da Mata region inhabited by many descendants of black slaves.

In her work, Rosa uses musical styles typical of the Northeast Brazilː carnival maracatu, coco and calvao marinho, Indian polyphony, forrό dance or cantoria de viola poetry. She combines singing with the rhythmic sounds of rabeca – an archaic violin-like instrument  brought to Brazil by Portuguese colonizers. Rosa is fascinated by music from other parts of the world, especially Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe which she manifests in her work. It also reflects the multi-ethnic structure of Brazil – a combination of Indian, African, Portuguese, Jewish and Moor tradition.

Her 2004 debut album Zunido da Mata was inspired primarily by the music of Zona da Mata region. It was awarded the prestigious Choc de lˊAnnée by the French magazine Le Monde de la Musique. Her second album Manto dos Sonhos was nominated to the title of Best World Music Album 2012 given by World Music Central. The artistˊs latest realease – Encantações is a combination of all the traditions she is fascinated by.

Renata Rosa often performs in her native Brazil as well as Europe where she has so far given over 200 concerts in various concert halls and at prestigious festivals. This resulted in artistic cooperation with European artists – the French ensemble singing polyphonic songs Lo Cor de La Plana and the French singer and songwriter Emilie Loizeau. She has also worked with her first masters - Kariri-Xocό Indians with whom she created a project based on their traditional polyphony.