Europe Collective

Europe Collective is a recurrent element of the Cross-Culture Festival. It was established for the artists of the region out of their need to create a meeting place and space to present exciting, intercultural cooperation between artists. Last year’s concerts featured Hulajhorod from Ukraine, Ethno Trio – Trosa and Nasta Niakrasava from Belarus together with the Polish R.U.T.A.  that came on the stage together, the other concert was that of the Romany band Kočani Orkestar from Macedonia.

During this year’s second edition of the event, Trebunie-Tutki & Urmuli Quintet will play premiere material from their album Duch Gór (Spirit of the Mountains). The other part of the Europe Collective evening will feature Kalakan – the Basque trio interpreting traditional songs and music which evoke associations with tribal music.