16.09.2018 Opening concert

Waldemar Bastos (Angola/Portugal)

Bastos emphasizes that the strength and motto of his music are universal values: hope, reconciliation, harmony among people. For political reasons the artist was on emigration for many years, in, among others Brazil and Portugal. Thanks to ‘Pretaluz’, an album recorded in 1997, Batos gained international recognition and numerous awards, New York Times even named it as “one of the best World Music records of the decade”. In his atmospheric pieces the elements of various countries’ music can be found: African afro-pop, Portuguese fado, Brazilian samba and its precursor – Angolan semba. In 2003 for the first time in a long time he got to perform in Angola, giving a concert on national stadium in Luanda.

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Rokia Traoré

Gifted with beautiful and atmospheric voice Malian singer, wold music star, perfectly mixing the elements of her home country music with blues, rock and soul. Born in a family of diplomats, traveled around the world as a child, but decided to return to Mali and focus at art. She’s singing in French, English, and native Bambara language. Rokia’s career started at the of the 90s, when Ali Farka Touré was her mentor. During more than 20 years of career, Rakia shared the stage with many other artists like Youssou N’Dourem, Paolo Fresu, Salif Keita, Ali Farka Touré and was a part of a Damon Albarn’s “Africa Express” project, wrote the music to Toni Morrison’s play ‘Desdemona’ (directed by Peter Sellars). Being one of the most valued African artists, Rokia is treasured by fans for extraordinary sensitivity and sense in mixing different, not only Malian, styles of music.

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