20.09.2018 The Europe Collective

Agata Siemaszko i Lačhe Lavutara (Poland/Slovakia/Hungary)

Fascinated with Romany folklore, prized with numerous awards Agata Siemaszko invites the descendants of Romany families of musicians from Hungary and Slovakia to join her in an exceptional project. Together they reach for traditional Romany melodies, but also present new repertoire inspired by gypsy culture of former Austria-Hungary. This is a reference to, slowly fading, culture of Romany musicians’ families, members of which since 18th century became respected professional musicians-virtuosos. Alongside with Agata the musician from Slovakia will perform: one of the few recognized Romany violinists Barbora Botosova from Bratislava, double bass player Jancsi Rigó, violinist/viola player Róbert Lakatos and valued cimbalom player Kalman Balogh. The squad is completed by Polish instrumentalists: guitarist Kuba “Bobas” Wilk and drummer Krzysztof “GooZii” Guzewicz.

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Orchestra Baobab (Senegal)

One of the most important African music groups, the stars of night life in Dakar in 70s, not losing energy and popularity in 21st century. Since the very beginning of their activity they mixed popular at the time Afro-Cuban music with musical culture of numerous ethnic groups inhabiting Senegal. The pieces coming from first years of band’s activity are now icons. Their latest album, ‘Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng’ (2017), the group recorded in a memory of deceased in 2016 vocalist. Despite many personal changes, in group’s squad there are still original members like vocalists Balla Sidibe, Rudy Gomiso and saxophone player Issa Cissoko.

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