21.09.2018 Dancing Cocktail

King Ayisoba

Charismatic “king” of kologo music from north-western Ghana in an astonishing way tells a story about problems and identity of contemporary Ghanaians. Excellently mixes tradition with contemporaneity – playing traditional, two-string lute kologo, singing suggestive lyrics in many languages, he became one of the most popular artists in Ghana. He is an unquestionable leader of kologo musicians concentrated around Bolgatanga city. His energetic, trance pieces have found themselves a large group of fans among traditional communities, but also listeners from outside Ghana. Without a doubt, this is “traditional music of the future”.

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Young singer, composer and lyrics writer, her music mixes the elements of soul, pop, r’n’b, afro beat and reggae. International popularity she gained in 2008 with a blockbuster “Heartbeat”, which was long on top in many countries. As her main source of inspiration she points hip-hop and Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill. Her talent was revealed during studies in Hamburg, at first she was singing in pubs and clubs, with the passing of time started to turn more into her Nigerian roots. Today she is said to be one of the most popular Nigerian artists.

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Ifriqiyya Electrique

Initial form of ritual music of god Bang from Tunisian desert, fused with the sounds of guitar overdrive, bass and post-industrial electro. Uncompromising and deep meeting with contemporary interpretation of accepting the spirit rûwâhîne, accompanied by dynamic drums, singing, and metallic sounds of qraqeb castanets. An integral element of Ifriqiyya Electrique’s performance is a projection of fragments of, recorded in Tauzar, the ceremony and their attendees falling into a trans. It is a global and above divisions fusion of music and ritual, being a great challenge for viewer.

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