The accreditation proces is in progress.
The accreditation application – note: it should be delivered in the form of a scan of the completed form – should be sent by the 10th Semptember to the e-mail adress: with „CROSS CULTURE FESTIVAL ACCREDITATION” in the title of your e-mail.

Cross Culture Festival accreditaion form :

Regulations for granting accreditation:

1.Accreditation may be applied to journalists, photojournalists and television crews (video).
2.Journalistic accreditations will be granted only to professionally active journalists who work for media specializing in the following areas: music, culture, information and urban issues.
3.Applications will be considered on the basis of completed accreditation forms. The lack of signatures or valid ID will result in the rejection of the application or refusal to issue the accreditation.
4.Please fill in the application withe honesty and legibility.
5. The organizer reserves the right to consider the application negatively witout giving a reason.
6.We will inform accredited journalists by e-mail until 12th Semptember in case they were awarded the accreditation and explain the rules for receipt.
7.Press accreditation entitles you to enter the festival.