The 15th edition of the Cross Culture Festival is upon us

In September, Warsaw will be visited by the legendary drummer Tony Allen, the founder of blufunku Keziah Jones and the activist Sona Jobarteh, among others.

This year, the Cross Culture Festival celebrates its fifteenth birthday. The first edition took place back in 2005. What has changed over the years? What will this year’s edition look like? We will find out as soon as in September as the 15th edition of the biggest music holiday will take place on 18–22 September!

The 14th edition of the Cross Culture Festival Aftermovie

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Yesterday and today

Social changes, increased openness and chances to travel to literally any place in the world contributed to the fact that nearly everything that is related to perception of other cultures, their tradition, history and religion has changed. Fifteen years ago, the main goal was to present the multiculturalism around the world to a wider audience. Today, it is safe to say that the Cross Culture Festival presents first and foremost the achievements of the biggest worldbeat stars who constantly search for current music trends.

This year’s edition will include twelve concerts held over the course of five days. Warsaw will welcome musicians from Portugal, Spain, Mongolia, Nigeria, Brazil, Algeria, Gambia, Ghana and Lebanon.

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